Victory to the Legion!

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rage winterchill! lookout!

In the midst of battle our heroes strive to subdue the abomination that is Rage Winterchill.

“The Legion’s final conquest has begun! Once again the subjugation of this world is within our grasp. Let none survive!**” he claims as they fall victim to his death and decay.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore cries out in distress as the Alliance forces are overwhelmed.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Whilst we still have a lot to do in SSC, we took last night off to have another look in Mount Hyjal. We had a quick look in last Wednesday to have a look at the waves of trash, we managed to just make it to Rage spawning before we all died.

Last night we went in with our game faces on and were under the guidance of someone who had been through Hyjal before. My task was to kite at least 1 Ghoul down the side, past the Alliance Rifle Men, up to the Knights and then down to Jaina. The first few waves were OK, the only trouble I ran into was if the Alliance NPC’s stole my agro and thus rendered my kite useless, in that event our resident shadow priest was able to kite down a Crypt Fiend to engage Jania. In other pulls where we had not killed all mobs from the previous wave I did not have to bother with kiting as Jaina and the other’s were already engaged.

After a couple of wipes, it all came together, our Mages and Warlocks were able to get some mad AoE action down (damn that was some damage) and our tanks holding the abominations etc. We managed to get through all eight waves with most of us still alive to live long enough for a 70% wipe on Rage.

We decided one last go. Game was brought and we pulled off the trash waves almost perfect (so to say) and had 24 alive and waiting for Rage. A few death and decay’s and ice blocks (whatever they are) later our numbers were dwindling, but we managed to get him down to about 6% before calling it. We were all very stoked with this and we’re going to go back in Thursday for a projected kill!

We’re all pretty keen to see the kill, me especially as Braces of the Pathfinder might drop and they’re the best possible bracer’s for a Survival Hunter, bar Groonstalker’s Bracers.

Now all we have to do is get back into SSC and get going on downing Morogine, Leothras, Fathom Lord and Hydros! We have had a new Prot Pally join us who should help us along in SSC, BUT I think we have also lost one of our main off tank’s (who had a full frost resist set for Hydros) which may set us back in that regard. Lets go SSC!

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