The Isle of Quel'Danas

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Dathris Sunstriker calls out to him as he steps out of the Scryer Inn.

“Duty requires that you return to Azeroth” Dathris explains, “Speak with a draenei by the name of Larethor when you arrive on the Isle of Quel’Danas”.

He accepts the mission and makes his way down to the terrace of light, where the portals are situated.

“How will I get to this Isle?” He thinks to himself,

General Tiras’alan grabs his attention as he passes A’dal,

“Report to Archmage Ne’thul on the Isle of Quel’Danas, north of Quel’Thalas. The Flight master of Ironforge will get you to your destination”

“Perfect timing” he answers, “I was wondering how I would get there,” as he heads towards the portal to the dwarven city Iron Forge to set off for The Isle of Quel’Danas.

Thought that I would get this out there while I still have a chance, before all the excitement is over. Currently, at the time of writing this (according to Gorgonnash), Khaz’Goroth is 16% done of phase three, and 33% of the way to opening up the badge vendor Smith Hauthaa.

I was out there yesterday afternoon checking out the phase three quests, and everyone and their alts were out on Greengill Coast killing Myrmidon’s and looting their keys for the effort of building Hauthaa’s anvil. Good to see, except when you’re trying to collect the three keys yourself and can’t due to heavy encampment.

I have saved up enough badges to get me a couple pieces when they become available (I’m hoping within a week) that will help me fill out some gear gaps. I will get onto those later as they become available.

So far I have managed to complete all the new dailies, almost daily, accumulating a massive stockpile of greens that are periodically disenchanted, and only one badge. Last weekend I was able to complete a PUG run of Magister’s Terrace on normal and picked up the Hauberk of the Warbringer from Kael. Really want to get back in on Heroic for a chance at Tunic of the Ranger Lord though, as I will benefit more from the crit than the haste that the Hauberk gives me. I also wouldn’t mind duel wielding a pair of Breeching Comet’s either. May take some instancing.

So, how progressed is your server in the fight for the Sunwell, and what are you looking forward to picking up in your adventures on the Isle?

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