The Hunter's Mark!

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He casts his mark over the Wretched Fiend. Tanesha leaps to her feet and is off in a sprint as he lines up his shot. Just as she starts laying into the fiendish creature and his shot lands, a burly warrior charges in from across the surrounding hills, his large sword swinging. The fight was over in seconds, and the warrior trots off laughing.

“Well what do you make of that Tan?” he asks in utter bewilderment.

Current Smith Hauthaa Status: 64%

Everyone is doing the Sunwell dailies, weather to ensure that the whole isle is unlocked quickly, or to make some nice cash. This also means that all the quest mobs are heavily camped. Sure they respawn fast, but that’s not enough for some people.

Doing the rounds last night, I was collecting Mana Remants, using my usual pull tactics: Send Pet, Hunter’s Mark and line up an Aimed Shot (ensures they’re dead before they get to me). This wasn’t quite working as usual. Many pulls I would have Tanesha get one hit in, before my Aimed Shot hits, only to have the mob turn gray because someone else has come up and tagged it, majority of the time running off to tag another mob leaving me to kill due to agro generated. Oh, and no remants.

I guess this is to be expected in the population heavy zone, yet I still consider Hunter’s Mark as a way of letting people know “hey guys, I’ve got this one”. In saying that, I don’t deliberately mark up mobs that other players are obviously targeting for themselves, but this can’t be helped all the time. A simple /say apologies is usually replied with a “no worries”, and no hard feelings for anyone.

So when I have the above problem and I ask if they didn’t see the big red arrow above the mobs head for the last three or five seconds and they say “yeah, so what? I hit it first” (especially when they run off after tagging to loot later), it’s heavily sigh worthy. Not much you can do but get over it and carry on, still very annoying.

What are your views on this? If a hunter has the mob marked but their pet is still en route and they haven’t stuck an arrow in it yet (most likely due to waiting for growl) is that mob fair game?

Mark of the Hunter

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