Suprise Zul'Aman

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The gong was struck and the huge doors opened before them. The ancient troll city of Zul’Aman spread out before them. Harrison Jones wished the party a quick good luck before stepping back just as the first wave of trolls came running up the stairs seeking to thwart the invaders to their city.

The rag tag party of adventurers stepped up to the challenge and made quick work of the powerful troll warrirors. They begin the decent of the same stairs without looking back, they can hear the chilling calls of Hex Lord Malacrass laughing at them, challenging to halt the sacrifices about to be carried out.

Will the adventurers be able to help these poor souls held captive by the Amani?

In short, yes.

My guild has been having a few issues in regards to 25 man raids and player availability the last couple of weeks. Very frustrating for the people who show, and it’s never a good feeling having to cancel a 25 man. Hopefully this week we will get back in the swing of things.

So last night was the same old story, barely enough people to put together a 25 man, lacking healers. After sitting around for an hour in vain hoping for a few more needed people logged on we called it for the 25 mans. Some of us still wanted to raid, unfortunately not all of us could. A few grumbles here and there, but we got together a decently geared group to venture into ZA.

ZA for our guild has not been much of a place to go. I have been hoping that we will one day get together a group of people who would be willing to tackle it at every opportunity eventually learning it just as we have Kara. Every time I have been to ZA in the past consisted of a rag tag group, mixed gear and experience wise and usually spent a couple of hours wiping up to the bear boss and then wiping on the run up to the eagle boss, not fun for anyone I’d imagine.

We met up at ZA, Harrison Jones was kind enough to get us through the gates, and we begun. We definately brought our game with us, we stormed through the trash to Nalorakk, downed him within the timer. After a quick loot distribution: Jungle Stompers went to our OT and from the timed chest Cloak of Fiends for me (put aside for use somewhere down the track), we headed off towards Akil’zon. We managed to get all the way to the top, AoE’n the birds and destroying the warriors with one death (priest I think), who was quickly rezzed and then took him down with 1 minute remaing on the timer. Amani Punisher dropped and went to one of our holy pallys, and from the chest Tuskbreaker which I didn’t roll on, still prefer Sunfury.

We were all pretty stoked with the effort so far, but didn’t press for the third timer as we didn’t think we could do it in the five minutes that remained. We carried on to Halazzi, clearing all trash with a few mind control shenanigans and dropped him. One of the pallys picked up Spaulders of the Advocate and I got to use Tranq Shot!

Our adventure ended not long after working our way through the trash to Jan’alai. We had a couple of goes at him before we all started to tire and logged off to get some sleep. Our best attempt was 40%.

Conclusion: We all managed to finish the quests A Troll Among Trolls and X Marks… Your Doom and their respective follow ups. I felt that we had made progression, albiet not 25 man, but progression non the less. We agreed we all had fun and that we would regroup to give it another go, pending 25 man raids.

I think that this may upset other people in the guild, as they may feel excluded. I’m not sure how we can tackle that issue, may cause an upraor. Hopefully they will be understanding! Once we have got the place on lock down, there’s no reason why we can’t start subbing in other players who want a look in. Patience, patience.

On a brighter note, now that we have done the double timer, and I’m sure we will be able to do it again, I’m looking forward to Trollbane dropping. A worthy replacement of Legacy (kinda get sick of looking at that funny thing on my back).

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