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In the lower reaches of Hellfire Citadel in the Pit Lord Magtheridon’s Lair he looked upon the fallen corpse of the wretched demon.

The rancid air was filled with cries of victory, he joined in with his companions, “Victory is ours”…

Death to the Pitlord

Raiding last night was fast paced and accurate. Went like clockwork.

We started the night by heading to Gruuls Lair, High King went down, then shortly after Gruul went down. My Unstable Flask of teh Bandit still had over an hour left on it.

A quick port to Shat and we were off to SSC. Powered through the trash, some Nether Vortex’s and epic trash later we fished up Lurker and turned him to sushi.

Back to Shat, restock on arrows and all that. By this time we had some more locks logon so we headed straight to Mag’s Lair. He went down shortly after. I believe this was the first time we had one shot him.

A very successful night. No wipes, a couple of deaths. Unfortunately, no screen shots or anything else relevent, was too busy keeping up with the events! Good day sir!

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