Oh, Hey A'lar

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Looking up at A'lar

Last night’s raiding consisted of a return to Hyjal, one wipe and taking Rage Winterchill down again for a second time. Our first attempt we got to about 12% and I coped a ice bolt to the face and tasted the ground. That left a couple of tanks and healers up…. they made it to 9% before wiping it up. Second attempt we focused and came out with the kill and only 2 or 3 dead. Not bad not bad!

He dropped the plate and leather healing bracers, grats to those who got them.

With time to burn and no one feeling like Gruul’s, we decided we had a good group for a look at A’lar. Is that back tracking or what? Taking down Winterchill before A’lar and the majority of SSC? Heh.

After one of our raid leaders briefed us on the fight (to re-enforce our strat reading) we gave it a go. Ranged DPS went all out during phase one (can’t draw agro apparently) whilst two off tanks and our rogues hung around at the bottom of the ramps to take on the ads. That all went well, our off tanks have to work on getting their taunts down perfect as the baby phoenix’s sometimes made it to the ranged group / healers, and our main tanks have to practice standing right on the edge of the platforms without accidentally falling off. We didn’t get a very good look at phase two, we all ended up dying to the flame debuffs that you can’t seem to escape.

Tonight I am hoping we all head back there. I certainly don’t mind spending a good couple hours trying/dying/wiping to learn the fight that will lead to a kill. Definitely will have to use Flask of Relentless Assault in favor over my beloved Elixir of Major Agility for this session though, getting 10 minutes use out of one elixir gets a bit expensive.


Almost forgot that I picked up these… Leggings of the Pursuit the other day after a good run of heroic runs with lots of badges. Unbuffed agility is now sitting at 833. Pretty soon it will be tick tick boom!

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