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He descends through the clouds of the Nagrand sky, passing over the wandering herds of the clefthoof. on his way to the Consortium encampment. He lands in a cloud of dust as he leaps from the back of his mighty Netherdrake companion telling him to rest up quick as they wont be stopping for long.

“Lunch my old friend!’ cries Gezhe “I was wondering when you would arrive, you’re not usually this late”

“I’ve had some business to take care of back in Azeroth” he replies

“Good to see you anyway, and here” Gezhe passes him a Bulging Sack of Gems

“Hey thanks alot Gezhe, unfortunately I can’t stay today” he mutters as he climbs back aboard his waiting Drake.

Gezhe responds “No problem Lunch, we will catch up again next month friend” to the hero flying off into the Nagrand sky…

Managed to pick up a Nobel Topaz and a Talasite in my latest visit to the Consortium guys in Nagrand. First time that I’ve received blue gems instead of all greens! Such a pity that upon my return everyone has started decking themselves out in epic gems! I’m starting to feel a bit left out, I may have to start investing in a Bulging Sack of Crimson Spinel’s :grin:

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  1. June 9th, 2008 at 9:46 pm Softi comments:

    Nice loot from that! My JC’er needs to get some gold for those SSO recipes… I will get round to it at some point :wink:

  2. June 10th, 2008 at 11:46 am lunch comments:

    Ahh! That means dailies! I’m not sure if I can bring myself to do any dailies at the moment. Must paladin to 70! Nearly at 57 as of last night, then was rudely demanded I go to SSC with the crew. bah!!

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