Leotheras the Blind Saw Us

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A chilling call is heard across the cavern

“We all have our demons…”

Leotheras summons their inner demons and forces them to fight against their darkselves, our hero’s are quick to dispatch the fiends. They were unfortunately not prepared for what Leo had up his sleve for them next.

Who’s the master now?” he taunts as they take a nap in the dirt…

After the last couple weeks set backs we were able to pull together a decent group for a 25 man and ventured back into SSC. We cleared through the trash with no issues all the way to Lurker, (we can do this quite efficiently nowadays) skipping Hydros as our frost resist tank was not with us (and the other officers insist we need a pally tank for his ads). We boil the water and one shot Lurker instead of wasting time wiping on him. Success!

so powerful

Here’s a screenshot of me, pretty much raid buffed with trinkets and drums of war popped. I missed the boat snapping this when I had a Scroll of Agility V which had me over 1000 agility swoon. Arrgh, I was out of range of my MM hunter as he was on another island so I’m missing true shot there as well. I love raid buffed :grin:

So after the Lurker kill and plenty of time before raids end we voted that we give Leo a look as we had our fire resist lock there and ready to test out her demon tanking skills.

With the knowledge of our trusty shadow priest we cleared our way into Leo’s dwelling with only one mishap near wipe on the four naga pull where the shadow priest got too close whilst explaining. I can tell you that some of that trash is difficult and requires some noice positioning. Those damn mushroom spwaning underbog boss wannabes.

Once we had cleared everything in sight we all listened to the run down and tried to pay attention (it was late by this stage). Having read a strat a couple of times I had a fair idea of what to expect, but most of the guild did not. We gave it a couple of goes, I managed to kill my demon fairly easily - the damn thing didn’t shoot at me at range so I dont really think he was my demon. But we were unable to down him, to be expected heh. We gave him two attempts and got him to 78% before raid was called as it was super late. I was able to assign the guild some reading homework, which I hope they will complete as a successful kill requires all of us to understand and know our damn roles. Here’s hoping!

Question: Does your guild take on Hydros with two tanks in nature and frost resist and do you use a pally tank for his ads? Let me know, and give me some ideas!

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  1. May 25th, 2008 at 2:54 am Bluetit comments:

    Hi mate, thought I’d leave a comment for your question.

    We have 2 warrior tanks - 1 in full nature resist gear, and the other in full frost.

    We then use myself (pally tank in AoE spell dmg gear and high stam) and a druid with high HP to take on 2 adds each.

    We both pull our 2 adds into Hydross and the raid nukes them. We leave a couple of DPS classes on Hydross to do more dmg to him, and our mages and locks AoE the 5 mobs (4 adds + hydross). Once the adds are all down it’s all back in on Hydross.

    Our tank calls the shots. We stop all DoTs on Hydross just before the 100% mark, and then the tank(s) change phase just after the 150% mark. With good enough healers this is easily achievable, and our guild can now nuke him in about 6 minutes.

    We only went in for the first time last week, and we’ve had him now the last 2 times we’ve been in there.

    Again, in terms of your question, 2 druid bears with high HP is sufficient enough to take 2 adds each - as long as you have a lot of casters as your DPS, pull adds to Hydross and nuke - we find that tactic perfect :grin:

    All the best ingame!

  2. May 25th, 2008 at 8:06 pm lunch comments:

    cheers for the comment, will have to share this with the rest and put on the drawing board.

    Also have to get myself back logged in again, almost 2 weeks no play ><

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