Into the Shadow Labrinth

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They fought valiantly through the Shadow Labyrinth in Auchindoun. The Orcs of the Shadow Council were many, but did not stand a chance against our hero’s.

Ambassador Hellmaw felt the pain of their blades and arrows.

Blackheart the Inciter’s plans did not hinder them, despite his intrusion of their minds.

Grandmaster Vorpil did not get a chance to blink.

Murmur draws energy from the air… our heroes taste the hard cold stone of the floor…

Murmur, the pain

Warrior, Boomkin, Rogue, Paladin and myself entered Heroic Shadow Labyrinth last night to try and defeat Murmur so that we could claim Murmur’s Essence.

Everything was going well, we managed the five and six pulls before Blackheart with only one wipe. One sap, one offtank, one trap, and I kited the other, trapped, then kited the first trapped then feigned so he went back to the group where they would be waiting.

We had an issue with our tank who suddenly went afk for 30 minutes before Vorpil, we quickly replaced and took down Vorpil before he could do anything.

Then we proceeded to wipe for an hour and a half on Murumur. We read and re-read the advice on wowhead, had guildies hop in our vent channel to give advice, had group members flatmate come in and watch from his screen on vent to give advice. We were doing everything how we should but we kept going down.

By the time all our armor was broken we decided to call it and try again another day…

Do you have any hints or tips for heroic murmur?

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