Harrison Jones, Let Me In!

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Last night we ventured into Zul’Aman again - my first time in there since last night I wrote about it I believe.

Due to more people leaving the guild and the Oceanic PVE to PVP Transfer offer Khaz is dealing with changes, in numbers and all that. We attempted a joint SSC raid on Monday night that went fairly well, but nothing to write home about. Truthfully, we spent too much time waiting around organizing everything blah blah blah.

Which is why I have no issues with getting 10 of our more dedicated people and heading to the Ghostlands for some Troll city exploring with Harrison Jones! Funny how last night’s run coincided with a recent Hunter’s Mark Post titled “Herding Raiders“. We worked well together, took down Nalorakk within the timer, then headed off to Akil’zon where we ran into some difficulties where some freak accident caused two of our DPS die in the first thirty seconds :S timer failed, no worries. We headed back to Nalorakk’s platform to free good ol’ Tanzar who gave me a pair of Shadowhunter’s Treads (will have to slap dexterity on them and try them out).

A five minute break was called, then we carried on to Jan’ala’s platform with no issues to play with fire. We hatched the eggs, killed the dragons, stayed out of the fire and took him down. He dropped more hunter loot Arrow-fall Chestguard, which I also took (building a haste set more on that later).

We mounted up and started clearing towards Halazzi, those crocs that sometimes decide to join the trash fights are damn annoying, are they not? As we reached his hut/temple? We suddenly couldn’t move and noooooo! Server crash! GG.

It was late anyway so I took it as a good night blessing.

Tonight I’m hoping we can gather together again and take down Halazzi and then start having our first serious attempts at Hex Lord. I’m not really in the mind set of looking forward to 25 Man’s any more. You could say I have Jungle Troll Fever! If we only do ZA for the next couple of months I’ll be content and happy.

The place would have to be my favorite BC instance. The fact that it is a 10 man, we don’t have to scrape the barrel to fill in spots, bring in our dedicated players without fear of them gearing up and jumping ship and that we can get everyone ready to go within five minutes really appeals to me.

Next reset tho we’re definitely getting the double timer and we can all /bow down to the glory of Trollbane. Can’t wait.

Ps. My Paladin also got her Charger - Yay for her.

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