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He runs across the grass laden plains of Nagrand, the sun setting across the skyline The herd of Talbuk he stalks is just up ahead. The hunt had been ongoing for hours now. Tanesha following at his side, he assures her that it will be over soon.

The herd starts to slow down as they reach the lake bordering the Throne of the Elements. He takes up behind a crop of tree’s, Tanesha waiting, sensing the conclusion of the hunt, excitement hard to contain. As the herd settles, he draws back on his bow, takes aim and lets the arrow fly. Tanesha lets out a roar and is quickly off after the arrow, the first Talbuk is down within seconds.

The team of two take down the stragglers of the herd who were unable to flee fast enough after the initial kill like clockwork, their venison was cut, and leather was skinned, no part of their corpses are left to waste. By the time he had finished, twilight had settled across the land of Nagrand, he gathered his spoils from the hunt and let Tanesha know they would be returning to Shattrath for the evening…

Welcome to Addicted to Crit, where you will be able to follow the adventures of Lunchcuttah around Azeroth in the World of Warcraft. Hopefully a different approach to this whole blogging thing. I chose the title Addicted to Crit, as it bears relevant to a survival hunter who is always on the hunt for crit, and fiends for agility.

A few bits and pieces are already up, goes with out saying that there will be future addtions. For now have a look through and let me know where I can improve.

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