Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

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“They’ve broken through” exlaims Lady Jaina Proudmoore.

“All fall in, time to take this Lich down, hit it with everything you have” a burly warrior at the front shouts over the sound of battle.

Fallen comrads litter the samll Alliance town. Disheartening, but only ads fuel to the fire.

They unleash everything they have, and finally the horror is defeated.

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust”…

Zenith Downs Rage Winterchill But not ours! Rage Winterchill Down (28/04/2008)

We decided to get straight back into Hyjal after the other nights close call. We were all stoked that we did. After one failed attempt we managed to down Winterchill with few casualties. Much cheering ensued.

I walked away with Bracers of the Pathfinder which were quickly socketed with a Delicate Living Ruby and enchanted with Assault D: Rejuvenating Bracers also dropped, but we had no resto druids in the raid, so the only druid (feral) got them, no one else seemed interested…

We had quite a few trash drops as well, hearts of darkness etc etc, i forget now, it all goes so fast during the waves.

After we finished celebrating the downing of Winterchill we all repaired and headed to see Mags. We downed him without much effort at all. Three more people got T4 chests, a holly pally got the head to exchange for a ring, and the gems went to the bank, to be auctioned off tomorrow.

A couple of months ago I didn’t think that achieving 1000+ agility would be in my grasp, clearly I am getting this whilst raid buffed now. Lunch is a happy hunter.

Raid Buffed for Mags

There I am in all my raid buffed glory: AotH, Warp Burger, Elixir of Major Agility, TSA, GotW, Kings, Might, Fort. No feral druid in group unfortunately, otherwise I imagine my crit would be right up there in the mid forties.

Unbuffed I sit at 834 Agility, 33.42% Crit, uhm, 2000ish AP. Should be sitting on 900 unbuffed agility any day now.

Larissa of The Hunter’s Mark (great site by the way) is striving for 800 agility at the moment, she has posts that explain in great detail how she is going to achieve this. She doesn’t have the access to the same content as I currently do, but that does not seem to be stopping her! She’s currently sitting at 726. Good luck!

I also am excited about, being 20 badges away from Leggings of the Pursuit. They will bring me even closer to 900, with the rubies (screw the socket bonus ><). They will also be a worthy destination for theNethercobra Armor I have stashed way D:

In Conclusion: We are now 1/6 SSC, 2/4 TKE, 1/5 Hyjal - a bit backwards, yes I know, I will continue our push into SSC!

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April 29th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Lassirra comments:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! >:)

Grats on Winterchill and goodies!

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