Anvil Forge Complete

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He made it back to Smith Hautaa without much hassle. The Naga did not stand a chance in keeping their Darkspine Iron Ore from him. He unloaded the ore where Hauthaa had indicated.

“The Anvil and Forge are now complete, I can craft you that armor you mentioned earlier with this ore you have brought me” the Smith advised him.

Current Smith Hauthaa Status: 100%

Khaz opened up Smith Hauthaa some time yesterday afternoon. I was unable to get on and such until now. I headed straight to Quel’Danas to see her.

First thing I purchased was a pair of Gauntlets of Rapidity and quickly enchanted +15 agility. Next was Angelista’s Revenge which replaced Pathfinder’s Band.

My stats are really started to balance up now, currently unbuffed 814 agility, 1876 AP (2038 with AotH) and 34.29% crit.

I am left with 42 Badge of Justice’s now, aiming to get another 60 so that I can get Leggings of the Pursuit which will be a damn good successor to the T4 legs!

What gear have you collected so far from Smith Hauthaa so far?

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