gameshelf 🎮

i've always been into computer games and have played them for as long as i can remember in one way or another.

when i was very young we had a commodore 64 and a selection of games on floppy disk and a couple on cartridge. i remember all of the games that we had being very hard.

i enjoyed when we went over to friends places and they had either amigas or ibm compatibles.

my first console was a sega master system 2. we never got a mega drive and missed everything in between and wound up with a playstation at some point. we moved onto an xbox and didn't have a console again until the playstation 3 so that i could play grand theft auto 4.

outside of those, some of my best memories of gaming was on a pc. when we first got a pc, a kid on our block loaded up a bunch of games, dune 2, simcity 2000. the first two games we got on cd-rom weretheme park and command and conquer. read more over on my memoirs page.

what i'm currently playing

i don't have as much time available to play video games like i once did. however, i do like to set aside some time each week to play. these are a few of the games that have my attention at the moment.