🏃 Fitness

All the stuff I have done, and do to keep fit 💪.

This page goes into small details about my journey to fitness and a collection of notes from recent Les Mills On Demand (LMOD) releases.

I have been gyming since 2007 following a variety of weights based programs, stronglifts, madcows, PHAT, Kris Gethin's trainers and a whole lot more.

I've been an avid spinner 🚴 since 2015, specifically Les Mills RPM.

Gym Life

I gave up my gym membership in May 2020 opting to continue building out my garage gym supplemented with LMOD.

Les Mills on Demand

During the 2020 lockdown as a member of the Les Mills gyms, we were given a 2 month trial of their on demand service, LMOD. The only Les Mills class that I had done in the physical gyms were the cycle classes, RPM, Sprint, The Trip, with abit of CXWORX for good measure.

So without a bike at the start of lockdown I dived head first into Body Pump and Body Combat. I really fell in love with Body Combat, but ever since getting the bike at home, I've not done a single release.


Forever my favourite class and cardio workout. The music selection is fantastic and the workouts get my heart pumping.

The following is a collection of notes from some of the releases I both enjoy and don't enjoy.

RPM United

Released in December as part of the Les Mills United series, a global celebration of fitness.

This one took a while for me to get into, it really clicked on my 3rd or 4th ride.

The cover of Paradise Ocean by The killers did not do the song or workout justice. It came across too soft and did not match the intensity. I imagine with the original song that this would be a kick ass track 5.

The cover music really makes me miss the licenced music in the physical classes...

RPM #87

Must be the first release filmed in a studio without the audiance. Has to be the first release to feature a track in Te Reo.

Standout tracks: Nga Kano/In Colour performed by Grey Bright made famous by Shapeshifter.

RPM 81



Great workout. Audience surrounding Glen & Dee is distracting.


Discovered down the lockdown of 2020, was my cardio fix for a number of months until I got a bike for my home gym.