A webring is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure. Webrings were popular in the early days of the web before search engines became as sophisticated as they are today. Webrings were used to help people find similar websites on a particular topic.

Here’s how they work: A webring consists of a group of related websites with a common theme or topic. Each website in the webring has a special link that allows the visitor to navigate to the next website in the ring. The visitor can continue to follow the links around the ring, visiting each website until they return to the starting point.

Webrings were created as a way for people to discover new websites on a particular topic and for website owners to promote their sites to a broader audience. Webrings were particularly popular in the late 1990s. They have largely been replaced by search engines and social media as a way to discover new websites. However, webrings are making a resurgence, and many new webrings with modern underlying technology are being created.

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