comic book pull list 💥

i enjoy reading comic books. i am a big marvel fan, and the x-men are my favourite team, has been since the 90’s when i first started getting into them.

i read comics almost exclusively on marvel unlimited but i also enjoy collecting single issues. i have a stack of uncanny x-men and x-factor from the late 80s early 90s that i inherited from an uncle and i am slowly filling in the gaps. i am currently collecting all x-men books that are currently being published. house of x / powers of x, dawn of x run swords of x and now reign of x, and then whatever comes after that.. every single x-men book that is being published. there are a lot.

i have a stack of fleer ultra x-men cards from the 90s and looking to track down the 2018 set. might be an expensive exercise as i missed the boat when they were released.