my button wall 🧱

the 88x31 button was first established and used by netscape to advertise their netscape navigator web broswer with the "netscape now!" button. from there, other people started making their own 88x31 buttons and thousands exist across the web and are still in use today. check out eighty eight by thirty one (!*a) for more info and some of the original buttons.

don't forget to link to me with my cool 88x31 button, grab the code below!

flamedfury 88x31 link button

<a href="https://flamedfury.com/">
<img src="https://flamedfury.com/img/flamedfurybutton.gif" alt="visit flamedfury now!" />

below you can find my button wall of 88x31 buttons for homepages i like, and also a collection of my favourite buttons.

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