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The Saints Of Salvation

Humanity is struggling to hold out against a hostile takeover by an alien race that claims to be on a religious mission to bring all sentient life to its God at the End of Time. But while billions of cocooned humans fill the holds of the Olyix’s deadly arkships, humankind is playing an even longer game than the aliens may have anticipated. From an ultra-secret spy mission to one of the grandest battles ever seen, no strategy is off the table. Will a plan millennia in the making finally be enough to defeat this seemingly unstoppable enemy? And what secrets are the Olyix truly hiding in their most zealously protected stronghold?

What a great end to the Salvation Sequence trilogy.

I hope that there are more stories in this universe.

I would love to read about Sanctuary and other parts of the exodus or the search for the god at the end of time.

What happened to the Varyn Neana? Did that get explained in Salvation Lost or did I just gloss over it when I was reading it?

The weapon deployed against the human armada in the Olyix enclave was a bit of a mindfuck. I had to re-read a few parts to make sure that I was following along correctly. In the end it didn't seem to have much of a consequence to the main characters, except maybe the direction Yirella ended up taking?

I loved that during the final stirke, the infantry squads made it to the Salvation of Life ark ship and made contact with the Saints. The time flow stuff really made me think that while reading whether or not that would actually happen. Was so happy when Delian got to meet them.