about fLaMEd 🔥

hey 👋, i'm fLaMEd 🔥, and i'm the webmaster of flamedfury. i have been a citizen of the internet since 1996. i love the web, but not all things about the web. i have a huge dislike for the current commercialisation, monitisation, and walled garden silo approach of the modern web.

why i have a homepage

i believe in taking back control, reclaiming my digital future and contribute to rebuilding a web for everybody.

i don't have a website for popularity or making money. i want to develop interesting things to write and share. i don't care if anyone reads it or not. i don't want to share on social media.

i miss the personal, do it yourself aspect of everyone having their own homepage rather than a page within a closed social media platform. the rise of these social media platforms have lead to an increasingly user-hostile web, and i don't like it.

websites and blogs these days are not organically passionate. they're just looking at ways to capitalise on any given subject, and an seo mess dilluting the usefulness of the web!

about my homepage